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Matching for Mental Health

Precision Matches. Better Outcomes. Lower Costs.

Thrivelution intelligently matches patients to therapists based on what really matters…the science of human connection

Our SaaS solution saves health insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Employers can provide more effective mental wellness benefits to their teams. Patients stay engaged through 11 sessions to treatment efficacy, and Therapists are referred the Patients they are uniquely qualified to serve and attain greater profitability.

Our ML matching drives better outcomes for everyone.


Drastically reduce

Close the gap between onset of symptoms and treatment. Increase the accuracy of getting patients matched with a properly aligned provider and get them through care exponentially faster. Retain your key customers with improved service and cost savings.


Grow your practice with personalized referrals

With the right Client-Therapist fit, you’ll get a head start on your therapeutic alliance with custom, personalized referrals. Receive high-value leads in a manageable quantity, and connect with the clients you are uniquely qualified to serve.


Happy Employees equal better business

Reduce barriers to care while ensuring the mental wellness of your employees with measurable impact. Increase productivity and improve culture in the workplace. Drive efficacy and efficiency in your wellness programs with evidenced based tools.