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The first ML SaaS solution to address patient churn in mental health



See our pitch from Boston Techstars, August 10, 2022


42 million people tried to find a therapist last year

The vast majority of these people went through a painful process of searching, emailing and even being ghosted in their efforts. They waited weeks or months for that first appointment, only to find that it wasn’t the RIGHT therapist for them and be forced to start the process all over again. 

In order for therapy to be effective, a patient must consistently participate in at least ELEVEN therapy sessions.

But most people don’t even make it past the first session.

Thrivelution solves for the most significant problem in mental health care

The most significant problem in mental health care is patient churn/patient engagement and retention for health insurance companies.
In order for therapy to be effective, a person must consistently engage in 11 sessions with the same therapist. Less than 20% of patients make it to this milestone.
That’s an 80% failure rate!

Thrivelution finds and matches the right therapist the first time using the power of human connection, enhanced with ML.

This allows patients and providers to get to therapy on day one, and stay engaged through treatment efficacy. 

We go beyond matching for practical criteria, and scientifically match and center the relationship using human connection

We use 29 unique end points of data to produce ideal recommendations.

Thrivelution drives 88% engagement after the first session

125% better retention at that 11th session milestone and beyond

A 125% increase in engagement and retention drives better outcomes for everyone

This means not only improved clinical outcomes for patients, but also a tremendous business opportunity as behavioral health conditions are the 3rd highest cost in all of healthcare; second only to cancer and heart disease.

By getting patients connected to the right provider, the first time, Thrivelution creates a flywheel of immediate impacts: better patient outcomes, higher profitability for therapists, better benefits for employers, and savings of $14M annually (per 10,000 members) for health insurance companies. 

Long term, Thrivelution’s robust data collection provides valuable outcomes data that insurance companies need in order to transition to value based care and adhere to emerging regulatory compliance.


This is just the beginning. We believe that the patient-provider relationship is central to healthcare and that the future will be driven by personalized care to improve outcomes and profitability within the industry.