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Gaining Purpose. Perspective.


Mental health care is a key component to human holistic wellness

It’s our belief that there’s an ideal counselor for everyone, but finding the right fit shouldn’t be difficult.

With reverence for the personal touch that makes the relationship between counselor and client special, we’ve infused relationship-matching science into our platform to keep each connection unique and meaningful.

It is within this proprietary matching program that our true magic lies. We pair clients with counselors based on the qualities clients are actively seeking in mental health providers. In doing so, we’re disrupting the antiquated, referral-based, systems for getting clients by fostering meaningful relationships.

Helping Counselors Increase Visibility

Yellow Pages-like directories drown out counselors’ uniqueness, making familiarizing oneself with a counselor difficult resulting in lost connections.

Rather than relying on referrals and commercial health insurance companies, we’ve opened the doors to mental health by providing a seamless way to market and expand visibility right where clients are…online. All while helping counselors build, and scale, their practices online with the only advertising platform they’ll ever need.

We recognize that each counselor has a unique personality and method, as well as their own set of specialties and populations they enjoy working with.

So, to keep the connection between counselor and client personal, our platform ensures high-quality matches that allow both the counselor and the client the freedom to focus on their journey to holistic wellness.



Our Robust Matching System is Revolutionary

Our proprietary algorithm focuses on the core attributes of our counselors, such as location, insurance providers, gender, age, style, personal preference, special populations, and more!