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Don't just find any Counselor. Find one that understands you.

Get matched a Jewish therapist who is your best fit. It only takes 10 minutes. Match by therapist characteristics, condition, insurance & more. 

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After taking our 10 minute matching survey, we will connect you with the best counselor in your area for your specific needs. We match clients with counselors along 29 dimensions, ensuring you get connected with effective help as soon as possible.

It took me ten minutes to finally find someone I think I can really talk with. I had been putting it off for months.
Thrivelution Success Story


Our platform allows therapists to self-identify their personal background. To this end clients can match with counselors that share their background, experiences and perspective. This criteria includes therapists with varying degrees of religious commitment, so if you would like to connect with a devoutly religious therapist, read through your matches profiles to see which provider would be best for you. 


Why connect with a Jewish therapist?

The most important factor that determines therapy success is the therapist-client relationship. Finding a therapist that has the same background as yourself makes therapy more comfortable, empathetic and effective. Cultural barriers shouldn’t stand in the way of your personal growth, that’s why we include background matching in our algorithm. 


Will my match accept my insurance?

We include multiple match dimensions in our matching system, one of which is insurance match. As you sign-up, be sure to include your insurance company in your profile and your matches will automatically populate with that in mind.