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Streamline access-to-care Improve engagement by 125% Lower your PMPM costs

Our B2B SaaS Patient to Therapist matching software for Mental Health is designed to solve for emerging compliance requirements around Provider Networks, streamline access-to-care, and pair clients to their ideal therapist for optimum engagement.

Solving for patient churn in mental health

Last year, 42 million people in the U.S. tried to find the right therapist. Insurance companies are literally wasting billions of dollars, and no one’s getting healed.

In order for therapy to be effective, a patient must consistently participate in at least ELEVEN therapy sessions.

But most people don’t even make it past the first session.

Thrivelution finds and matches the right therapist the first time using the power of human connection and ML, allowing patients and providers to get to therapy on day one.

We provide over a 125% increase in finding the Right therapist, and retaining them through efficacy.

For a patient to be engaged with their therapist they have to build a genuine human connection. In therapy this is called the therapeutic alliance. It’s that relationship which is the leading predictive factor of success in therapy, and the foundation of our app.

Our B2B SaaS product centers the relationship to match Patients with Providers while delivering 2.5x better engagement and retention.

125% Improved Patient Engagement saves money for Insurance Companies. Reduced churn means increased profits for Mental Health Companies.

Saving money for Insurance Companies

2.5X Improved Patient Retention Saves insurance companies up to 1.4 Million dollars per 1000 members

*Fierce Healthcare, 2021
**Members who are receiving behavioral health care

Increasing profits for Practitioners

Scientifically match and prosper, easily.

We go beyond matching for practical criteria, and scientifically match and center the relationship using human connection.

And, it’s easy for you to adopt. Not a standalone tool—our app plugs into your ecosystem via an API and is delivered with an easy-to-use web interface.

Clients matched to their ideal therapist, without hunting and failed attempts in the chair. Achieve higher patient satisfaction, treatment efficacy and measure outcomes.

Quicker treatment from the onset while being entered at a lower level of care, and savings in co-occurring diagnoses.

Gain key insights into providers to accurately know their availability, specialties, preferences and special populations.

It’s not enough to get patients into therapy…they have to stay in treatment.
As value-based-care becomes the norm and regulatory compliance around outcomes-based-treatment emerges, Thrivelution is poised to provide the solution that is integral in the delivery of care.

I can finally focus on the portion I enjoy most – helping people.

Thrivelution Counselor