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Don't just find any Depression Counselor in Bellevue. Find the best One for you.

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After taking our 10 minute matching survey, we will connect you with the best counselor in Bellevue for your specific needs. We match clients with counselors along 29 dimensions, ensuring you get connected with effective help as soon as possible.

It took me ten minutes to finally find someone I think I can really talk with. I had been putting it off for months.
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What is depression?

Depression is best described as an intense and persistent feeling of sadness, guilt or apathy. Often you will feel physical symptoms accompanying depression that may include insomnia, low libido, changes in appetite. 

The roots of depression are found in both how we perceive our surroundings and in turn how we respond. Our history, upbringing, genetics and environment all influence our susceptibility to anxiety. 


What is the best depression solution?

Even though depression is a very common struggle for many, not every therapy nor therapist will be well suited to working with depression. Depression is very specific to each person and no one solution will work for everyone. That’s why counselors that are specialized in depression are often the most effective at dealing with it in all its forms. A good depression counselor can understand your perspective, adapt to your specific needs and expectations and provide responsive therapy. 


Why use thrivelution to find your ideal depression counselor?

There are many solutions online that offer depression relief through education modules or in DIY activities, but we know that personalized 1-on-1 therapy consistently shows the best results. We know that in-person private practice counselors are best able to adapt to individual client needs and help clients seek personal growth (beyond contracted text or email services). We also understand that less than 20% of therapy outcomes are related to using one specific modality like CBT, so using modality alone to find a counselor isn’t effective. 

In fact, the best outcomes in therapy come from a quality fit between the counselor and client. That is why our unique matching algorithm uses 29 dimensions to guarantee the best possible therapeutic match for your personal growth.