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After taking our 10 minute matching survey, we will connect you with the best counselor in the Seattle area for your specific needs. We match clients with counselors along 29 dimensions, ensuring you get connected with effective help as soon as possible.

We serve the Seattle area from Maple Leaf to Beacon Hill

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It took me ten minutes to finally find someone I think I can really talk with. I had been putting it off for months.
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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered by many to be the gold standard of therapy based on the amount of research that supports it’s use for many common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. It is based on the fact that our thoughts and feelings lead to our actions, and that by examining the relationship between these parts of our psychology we can build better behaviors.

Oftentimes, our thoughts can be clouded by our more impulsive emotions leading us to take mental shortcuts that harm our wellbeing. Therapists trained in cognitive behavioral therapy help clients identify these shortcuts and so change their behavior. Many people have found benefit from working with a therapist trained in CBT.


What Makes CBT with Thrivelution Unique?

While CBT sessions generally follow the same procedure and steps, you can’t successfuly remove a therapist from CBT sessions. While many offer CBT over education modules or in DIY activities, we understand that less than 20% of outcomes are related to one specific modality like CBT. In fact the biggest changes come from a quality fit between the counselor and client. That is why our unqiue matching algorithm uses 29 dimensions to gurantee the best possible match for your personal growth.